Sunil R G


Sunil is the founder of Cuppa & Pickit and he is the marketing brain. He did an MBA in International Finance from the University of Wales, Institute of Cardiff, UK. He joined the Group in 2010 as a Director, and since then, made remarkable contributions in all aspects of the Group’s business and founded Cuppa, the ubiquitous retail food and cafe brand. He brings enthusiasm and joie de vivre into Biggles & Pickit and is pushing the brand towards a fast-paced growth.

Anil R G


Anil has a passion for food, that’s one of the main driving reasons why he was instrumental in founding Biggles & Pickit. He has a BBA in business administration and management from Berkeley College USA and is a postgraduate in management from Leeds University. Later on, he worked as a financial advisor with High Tower in the US. He joined the board of Concorde Group as a director and was one of the founders of Cuppa, the popular chain of cafes. He brings passion, experience and an international perspective to the brand in his capacity as operations maven.


Chief Product Officer

The artist among the founders of the company. Supriya is an architect who is bringing in aesthetics and design to the brand’s evolution. She is behind the creation of the brand design and all the artistry going into making a memorable brand.

Grishma R

Chief of Business Strategy & Finance

An engineer who pursued entrepreneurship and innovation from NTU, Singapore and Stanford, USA. She has her mind set on putting her knowledge into building Biggles into a renowned brand. Her experience with KPMG as a strategy consultant for multinational companies has helped her in developing the business and finance strategy for Biggles & Pickit. She will helm all the strategic initiatives and finance planning for the company.