Fun Snacks

Mad Wheels

No matter what your mood is, you can surely take your tongue for a thrilling joyride with a crispy pack of Mad Wheels.


A-Z Masti

This is a munchy-licious way for kids to learn English Alphabets. So go ahead, play and chomp along with your little munchkins.


Pasta Punch

If you are a pasta lover, you will surely like our desi version of pasta-shaped munchies! So go ahead and pop a few and get ready to rock the day!


Jeera Crisps

Crispy wafers with a hint of jeera are like happiness packed with a flavourful punch in colourful packets. Don’t forget to Pickit up today!


Munchy Pipes

Enjoy a burst of authentic flavours in your mouth with the Munchy Pipes. We bet you can’t stop yourself from falling in love with it!



Sticknicks are a quick fix to a bad mood any day! With desi spices crunching and mixing in your mouth, you can have a flavourful celebration any time of the day.



If love can come in all shapes, so can flavourful snacks! Enjoy the 3D shapes of sheer awesomeness in your mouth.


3D Pyramid

A full-flavoured treat is in your corner with our 3D triangles! Crispy, crunchy and flavourful snacks are sure to make your day!


Masala Poppers

Small or big, in-house or clubhouse, any party is incomplete without our desi flavourful Masala Poppers.